Uyar Holding


Established in 1978, Uyar Holding is operating in 7 different sectors with 6 companies, 5 production facilities and more than 1.300 employees. 100% Turkish capital company Uyar Holding invested in boutique and luxurious hotel chains, defense industry, decoration, technical textile, packaging, food industry and distribution channels. 

Uyar Holding gives its highest level of attention to customer and employee satisfaction and happiness in each and every market it operates. Uyar Holding provides a non-negligible and very important support for Turkey to reduce its foreign-source dependency by making national investments in defence industry. In line with this objective, Uyar Holding is the only company with accredited ballistic laboratory.

The holding produces high-tech materials, protective ballistic composite products and performance enhancing clothing and gears for military, professional and civilian usage. Company provides high end technical textile products for formal and civilian users. Uyar Holding leads the defence industry in Turkey with intense research-development studies and functionality combined with aesthetics, at a state-of-the-art level in global ballistics and textile sectors. Uyar Holding which holds an integrated food production facility at global standards, operates with innovative technology investments and research-development experts.

Uyar Holding provides food solutions for retail, industrial and military oriented sales with canned goods and ready-to-eat meals which preserve their freshness for long periods at room temperature conditions, without the need for a refrigerator. In addition to these Uyar Holding also exhibits its difference with sandwiches and bakery goods which are produced in the stone ovens located within company’s facilities. Besides these, Uyar Holding preserves its subtle place in the market as an important producer with convenience foods, canned goods and bakery products and also with industrial powder products.

The Holding also plays an important role in service industry with both its boutique hotel chains and business concept hotel, and serves with passion for hospitality targeting highest customer satisfaction and quality.